what are the best web courses?


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what are the best web courses?

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    Web courses are in which you can get knowledge from the internet and different websites. Here is a list of some websites which provides you with the best training for your skills.

    • Coursera: Partners with 140 different institutes worldwide, and they offer 1500 courses with video lectures and quizzes in a variety of subjects.
    • Skillshare: The basic slogging of this website is “learn by doing.” They offer 200 free lectures, and after that, you have to pay 10 dollars per month to unlock the rest of the lectures
    • Cody: generally talk about yoga and weight lifting. They offer high-quality lessons for weight lifting and meditation.
    • Udacity: most of the lectures and videos of Udacity are about web development, data analysis, and game developer. They arrange quizzes at the end of the lecture to check knowledge and how much you have understood the topic.
    • Lynda: Emphasize the technical skills of the developers, photographers, educators, marketers, and business professionals. It is a paid website.
    • Udemy: This is an educational site that offers paid and unpaid courses. It gives lectures on health, business, entrepreneurship, art, and science.
    • CreativeLive: Creative experts from the creative line offer courses about art, craft, photography, music, video making, design, and software development.
    • Treehouse: Through tree house beginner and intermediate level coders and developers can develop their web designing and developing skills
    • Curious: is a website for people who need a break from the busy routine of their life. Here you call to learn how to tie different knots, train your dog, do card tricks, and do baking a cake.
    • Learnist: provides images, videos, and text about the topic that includes art, craft, and cooking
    • GMB Fitness’s primary focus is on increasing strength, flexibility, and body control.
    • America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School: This website teaches about cooking techniques. That includes the catalog of the food recipes.
    • Guides.co: This is a book-type website in which authors are allowed to make changes in it. That is why the content of this website is up to date. It is accessible to a paid website.
    • Code.org: This website provides coding lessons for beginners. It is a free website and offers all the courses for free.
    • Duolingo: This is a language-based website through which you can lesson in 15 different languages.
    • Kahn Academy: It is a nonprofit site that offers free lessons in different subjects, including maths, science, computer, history, programming, SAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc
    • Drawspace: is an art-based website where you will get lessons about sketching, coloring, drawing, and Alaric painting.
    • edX: It is a nonprofitable open source by Harvard University. It provides 200 courses on accounting and supply chain management. If you want to add them to your resume, you have to pay a fee to Harvard to get your professional certificate.
    • Rouxbe cooking School: It is a paid cooking school for professional cooks.
    • Highbrow: through highbrow, you can get knowledge with a small 5 min lesson. One can enroll in 56 free courses one at a time.

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